Rules for the chat

The chat is for general discussion, you also can play games until it goes too far. Here you can talk about ideas, talk about your ideas, and such. Here are the rules so you wont get in trouble.

  • Spamming when there is a lot of people at chat will cause a kick, If one more, a ban will occur.
  • Spamming when chat is empty will be increase by %75.
  • Doing something funny and cutting off a discussion will cause a kick, for not being the fit in there. If done a lot, this will cause a ban.
  • If you swear to people, you will get a kick, vandalism will cause bans.
  • If you are a former staff and you destroy needed pages, you will be banned and you will lose your rank.
  • If you do anything bad to the pages that are important or popular you will get a permanent man.
  • If you act like a strong rifleman4, and cause mass destruction. you will be banned immediately.

more soon