Here, are the rules of this specific conception wiki. Please read before proceeding to creating.

Main Pages' Rules

  • Vandalism won't be tolerated. Nor Spamming.
  • You cannot edit any member's pages without permission. (Staff excluded)
  • No spamming or posting malicious content on any pages' comment section.
  • No swear nor bad words. Any bad word directed to any member will result in a ban.

Chat Rules

  • No spamming. maximum 5 GIFs in a row. (6 hour - 1 day ban if violated depending on the severity)
  • No swear words or insults directed to the member.
  • Do not post any malicious links. (Viruses, 3rd party software, etc.) (5 hour - 5 day ban depending on the severity)
  • Maximum 3 swears in chat if people under 18 are there (3 day ban if violated), NONE if there are people under 12 (5 day ban if violated), 32 if everyone there is over 18 (5 hour ban if violated)

Forum Rules

  • Do not create pages that violate Terms of Use and User Right Protocol.
  • Do not post messages that contain any malicious links or swear words.
  • Do not vandalise. It won't be tolerated.
  • No spamming in message or page section.


  • First ever page in this Wiki.