Technical Edit

Tessersquare is a Square with A LOT of firepower, you can see at the picture I made this in a short amount of time. Yet it turned out to be OP. This is a square that takes revenge for his square friends, his bullets does not hurt polygons. It has been reshaped to a diamond, but diamond=square if you rotate it so it does not matter.

Backstory Edit

Polygons were having a peaceful life when the first tanks appeared, they saw that polygons gave plusses to them, Tanks destroyed polygons, until some polygons gained small barrels, That was not enough, even with the crashers! Until one day, a square named Tess evolved to this monster, Now his friends call him Tessersquare, he came here to save his polygonal family, friends and every other polygon!

Strategy Edit

Tessers Strategy Edit

Kill everything in your FoV, except polygons, Polygons do flanking etc.

Special Attacks Edit

Tessring Edit

Creates 5 rings of 90 bullets

Tessplit Edit

Generates a huge bullet and the bullet splits to 4096 pieces that deal little to no damage.

Cage Edit

Cages players, cant touch the border.

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  • A random name that came to mind
  • I did this randomly at FTB.